Our Launch

Our Launch

What a day ! We thank everyone who came to support us. It was an opportunity for us to share with the UK Rwandese Community what we have been up to and what our future plans are . We are lucky to be in the position where we can help the less privileged in our country of birth and together we can change lives for the better.

Our aim is to empower women of Rwanda through various projects outlined on our website.

Despite a bit of chaos as our launch corresponded with the London Pride Parade , roads were cordoned off which meant travel delays etc. However, we made it to the venue and kicked off the evening with drinks and music, followed by delicious food.

I love a good party and at times you can leave a party feeling like more could have been done, not with this one. The ambience was such that everyone had a great time and I was told the after party was the icing on the cake.

We plan to hold different events every three months to bring the community together but also to raise funds for the Umucyo Foundation various projects.

We thank you again for your generosity, until next time stay blessed.